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Benefits of Joining Alpha Zeta Omega

Personal & Professional Growth

Through involvement with Alpha Zeta Omega undergraduate members will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn leadership skills

  • Understand the meaning of life-long commitment

  • Learn skills for personal growth

  • Develop organizational skills

  • Participate in philanthropic efforts

  • Strengthen pharmacy advocacy initatives

  • Learn skills for professional growth

  • Motivate others to promote the profession of Pharmacy

  • Meet peers and Alumni Fraters, providing a foundation for networking 

Leadership Opportunities

Alpha Zeta Omega offers its members a multitude of leadership opportunities. Members can chair committees, serve as Chapter officers, or be appointed or elected to Supreme Officer roles. These leadership roles help members develop skills that can be used in their communities and AZO encourages its members to identify potential leadership opportunities within their colleges and communities to foster their growth. 

Undergraduate members of Alpha Zeta Omega are often enable to assume leadership roles in other organizations on their campus and can commonly be seen actively participating in APhA and Interfraternal Councils. In addition, Alpha Zeta Omega members are frequently honored with invitations to join Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society, Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society, and Sigma Alpha Pi National Society of Leadership and Success, which recognize excellence in leadership and academics.

Developing the Profession of Pharmacy

Alpha Zeta Omega promotes the profession of Pharmacy by developing high standards of scholarship, inculcating a spirit of fellowship among all of its members, honoring achievement in others, commending all worthy deeds, and by bringing together a body of professional men and women who prove a credit to their chosen profession. 

By encouraging professionalism of members, Alpha Zeta Omega contributes leaders to the pharmacy profession. Through mentorship, training and education, Alpha Zeta Omega helps advance the profession of Pharmacy. 

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