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NuPalooza 2018

Hi Everyone!!

To begin - Darius, Dan, I cannot believe that this was the last interchapter event of 2018! However, it surely went out with a bang and we cannot wait for all the events coming up after Convention in Orlando (Jan 3rd-6th as a reminder ;)). On Friday night we had an awesome time getting to know and interact with Nu’s pledges – now that they are officially fraters we cannot wait to see all of their upcoming successes and involvement within AZO! We had such a fun time at Nu’s Olympics on Saturday and we even got to see some unexpected snow and eat lots of unexpected sushi. We ended the weekend by having fun and bonding at Nickel (a UConn rite of passage!), eating puds (if you don't know what they are, you MUST experience them!), and with a final “see you soon” breakfast. Thank you so much to Nu for hosting us and a big shout out to our own Darius for putting all of the weekend events together – we all had an amazing time! The UG reps cannot wait to see you all in Orlando and at future interchapter events next semester :)

PFBL Always <3

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