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Message From the Auxiliary President






Hello fraters, friends, and family!

I am Vicki McLachlan, PNP, wife of frater and 2019-2020 First Subdirectorum Jonathan McLachlan. This is my second year having the honor of serving as the President of the National Auxiliary and I am happy to be leading the group once again. Jon and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and we live in Canton, Michigan with our dog Shelby and cat Isabelle. I have a special event and portrait photography small business, and will also be returning to school to pursue a degree in social work with a focus on counseling. I'm a big hockey, baseball, and football fan, and I love all manner of arts and crafts.

The AZO National Auxiliary exists to connect those who support active fraters with one another for the purpose of bonding with one another and establishing a place where we can gather and enjoy seeing friends new and old during Conventions and other events when the fraters are busy with meetings of their own. We are open to the friends and family of all active fraters, and it has been a great year for the growth of our organization and for making new friends and new memories. If you are a frater with a loved one who wants to support your membership in the fraternity, particularly if you're bringing them along to Conventions and social events throughout the year, you are enthusiastically encouraged to have them reach out to me or any member of the Auxiliary. We would be thrilled to welcome them! And if you have a loved one in AZO but aren't sure if there's a place for you, let me be the first

to welcome you to the group. There are no requirements for active status other than the paying annual dues, which go back towards the organization itself by way of funding activities and amenities during Conventions. 

This year, we're implementing a few changes aimed at making the Auxiliary a more friendly, welcoming, engaging place to be. For starters, we're going to begin having a presence at Convention registration so you can see our faces right from the start, hear what we've been up to, and kick the event off feeling warm and welcome right from the start. Any active Auxiliary members who want to be a part of this initiative, please let me know! We have a couple of people who have accepted invitations for this chair position, but we would gladly welcome additional friendly volunteers. 

Additionally, we have been having discussions about fundraisers and Auxiliary merchandise! These plans are in their beginning stages but they show promise and excitement. I look forward to helping these plans develop so we can continue to foster a sense of togetherness and inclusion while also helping to support the fraternity and our own philanthropy goals. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Fort Worth! 


Respectfully and with much love,
Vicki McLachlan, PNP

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Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary



Activities Chair

AZOette Chair


Vicki McLachlan, PNP

Jeanne-Marie Holly, PNP

Steve Hayman

Kyle Harrison

Shelley Azapian

Samanntha Villnave

Katie Van Valen

Samanntha Villnave

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