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Directorum's Message




Directorum's Message


I am honored to be standing up here this evening as Supreme Directorum. Our organization has a lot of catching up to do. The pandemic has stalled our progress and we are experiencing difficulties with both recruitment and retention. This was something to be expected, and something this administration is prepared to address. The spirit of fraternalism is alive and well, and I plan to face the challenges ahead with tenacity, grit and good vibes only.

I am grateful that we have an amazing group of fraters to aid the fraternity in tackling the many challenges that lie ahead. We have a top notch roster of fraters on this year’s executive board. Frater Adam Schweitzer as first sub Directorum, frater Nicole Hodgdon as 2nd sub Directorum, frater Alyssa Schweitzer as excheque, frater Kelly Garrity as signare, frater Nicole Camarotta as associate signare and frater darius papulius as bellarum. I am excited to work closely with all of you this year!

I am very much looking forward to visiting our undergraduate chapters this fraternal year. Congratulations to our supreme Undergraduate representative Hailey Guariello and her associates Sean Rupple and Kevin Izzio. No pressure, but we are We are all looking forward to getting back into a cadence of regular inter chapter events, I have no doubt that you will all assist in spreading as much PFBL as possible this year.  

     This year’s top priorities are to continue focusing on retention and making much needed improvements to our fraternal communications. Frater Nicole DeFeo as AZO direct chair, will be working closely with Second Sub-Directorum Nicole Hodgdon as head of this year’s retention committee. After an absolutely beautiful AZOAN this year from Frater Defeo (and Frater Dipasquale) and a three-year term as signare by Frater Hodgdon I am confident that we will have zero issue making some headway with our retention efforts.

     Frater Tiffany Janajreh will step into the role of director of fraternal mentorship working directly with the chapters throughout the year to assist with their goals and to encourage fraternal participation, which needs much improving. Our Directors of Development Jace Swingle and Nicholas Raschilla will be working to assist our director of fraternal mentorship with chapters that need a little extra support getting to where they need to be as well as working with potential new chapters.

     Fraters Casey Bates and Nicholas Woodard will be leading the Supreme Chapter’s fundraising efforts this year, I am hopeful that we will all have some new AZO attire to rock at the next convention, I think we are all overdue for some new merch.

     Our Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee, led by 2023 Undergraduate Award honoree Terrence Natt, from the Nu Chapter, will help in supporting activities that ensure that all fraters feel welcome, valued and heard: no matter their background. The committee will also include Sean Rupple, Yefim Vexler, Dan Dipsia and Jessica Askew. This year’s Continuing education committee will be led by frater Katelyn Parsons, PSD with assistance from fraters Mclachlan, PSD, Alex Serafino, Carmen Witsken and Matthew Buckfellner.

     Our national charity will remain the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, with fraters Christopher Yanoschack and Bailey Conkey as co-philanthropy chairs.


     This year’s supreme chaplain will be frater Vince Paul, PSD. I would like to give a special thank you to frater Paul Holly, PSD for your 18 years of service to the fraternity in this role. You have always brought peace and reverence to the fraternity in times of great sadness and helped us to fondly remember those we have loved and lost.

     Many thanks to the convention steering committee for planning and executing a fantastic convention, I know that it wasn’t easy especially with the current economic conditions. To the PSD’s, Flacks, Holly, Seidenman, Strell, Janajreh, Janajreh and Caberwal : thank you for your guidance and wisdom throughout the years and thank you in advance for all future help.  My sincere gratitude goes to all of the PSDs that have supported and provided guidance throughout my fraternal career. I hope to continue to receive your support as we navigate this coming year, and based upon many kind words this week, I am confident this upcoming fraternal year will be a success.   


     To the Tau chapter, thank you for teaching me how to walk a bit faster, how to have a bit more patience, and that it is okay to be comfortable being myself. To epsilon: thank you for being my home away from home when mine was not a safe place to be.

     To my husband Steve, AZO was the ultimate boyfriend test. You passed, clearly. Congratulations on being inducted as National Auxiliary president, I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do life with; thank you for being the best.

     All of my elected and appointed officers - including those not specifically mentioned in this address; Thank you for your service to the fraternity.  It is not lost on me that all of us have personal and professional obligations beyond AZO, and your dedication to our success is greatly appreciated.  

     2022 poses many new challenges for us as healthcare professionals. With COVID-19 still raging on, the CDC has just declared Monkey Pox as a public health emergency. I know that it has been difficult to provide care to patients amid the chaos that the pandemic has wrought.

     In addition to the newest public health emergency that is at the forefront of all our minds, there is also a public health emergency happening when it comes to women’s health. This will be the focus of our advocacy committee this fraternal year.

      I would also like to shed some light on the importance of acknowledging the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs. It is our responsibility as healthcare providers to, when possible, identify if prescription drugs are being misused and to work with prescribing physicians to provide the best care possible for our patients.

     It is now time for action, advocacy and for all healthcare professionals to be practicing at the top of their licenses. To be the best that we can be, mental health & ethical behavior MUST BE prioritized. I would like to highlight the importance of communication skills within pharmacy practice, and the growing need for compassion and transparency to the patients which we serve.

      As I close, I would like to thank the Fraternity for having the confidence in me to lead us through this fraternal year.  I hope you all find peace in the midst of chaos, cherish your friendships, and never lose sight of the brotherly love that grounds us all.

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