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It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Fraternity in this role!

 Directorum's Message Regarding COVID-19

March 20, 2020


 Dear Fraters & Auxiliary Members, 

      These are clearly challenging times for us all, where our daily lives have been upended and our routines disrupted. I want to offer my support to you all, as well as my gratitude, for your extraordinary efforts in keeping your community healthy and safe. As our country enters into a new phase of existence we are navigating widespread school and business closures. The Coronavirus pandemic is currently dictating so many of our choices and we are all affected by this global emergency one way or another.



       I wanted to address AZO's current activities in the wake of COVID-19 and review how our operations will continue. Our members, especially our undergraduate members, across the nation have had to adjust to new norms at a moment's notice. Classes have been moved online, students have been asked to move out of their dorms, events have been canceled, and services have been adjusted. At this time, all of the colleges and universities that we have undergraduate chapters at have closed and moved to on-line distance learning. This of course means the suspension of all physical chapter meetings, inter-chapter visits, and chapter events such as fundraising and community service.


      First, it is recommended that Chapters continue to host their annual meetings by utilizing a virtual meeting space such as ZOOM, GoToMeeting, or We encourage members to maintain their philanthropic efforts, but to do so while social distancing. There are many volunteer opportunities such as donating food to your local food pantry, participating in your local school lunch program, helping deliver groceries and other essential items to the most volunerable population, fostering a dog or cat from your local shelter, or donating blood. Members should also explore the option of moving events to "virtual events". Zoom's website has an entire section dedicated to helping groups create "virtual events", and I encourage our membership to explore the idea of virtual events. Your Supreme Officers will be hosting a #ViralPFBL daily themed photo posting on the AZO Facebook page and I am looking forwards to seeing all Fraters and Auxiliary members participate by posting their own photos each day.  

       The deadlines for the AZOan, Apothecary articles, Ephraim G. Sless Scholarship applications, Directorum's Cup verification forms, and Jay Pollock Supreme Undergraduate Award nominations remain unchanged. Directorum's Cup points will be adjusted to reflect the national changes for the final months of our fraternal year. 

      I know that these are trying times, but we will get through this. It is understandable to feel panicked by the overwhelming statistics, lack of resources, and constant media hysteria. So many of us are desperately trying to navigate a situation that we feel totally unprepared for and it won't be easy. But as an AZO family we will stand together. 

     To our graduating Fraters, many of whom have seen their commencement ceremonies cancelled: I congratulate you on your hard work and achievements. I know the amount of tears, hours studying, group projects, and all of the great learning moments that go into earning your diploma, and that deserves to be acknowledged. Please don’t let the cancellation of your commencement ceremony make you feel any less proud. To our newest inducted Fraters: Congratulations on joining the AZO family! Although you have joined at a time where we cannot all physically be together, I hope that you will get a sneak-peak at what PFBL is virtually.

     To our all of our members and their loved ones who have had to deal with these trying circumstances- thank you for your continued patience with all that you have had to endure. As health care providers, AZO members are putting their lives on the line every day and I am profoundly thankful for each and every one of you. In a time when most people are asked to stay home, the vast majority of our membership is asked to work longer hours, so thank you for rising up to meet the need - I am blown away by your strength, courage, and generosity.


     I want to thank all of my officers who have stepped up to help develop new innovative ways to keep AZO moving forward during these exceptional times. We have all had to transform our approach to supporting our AZO community in a profound and immediate manner and my officers have embraced these changes in an extremely positive way and are implementing timely and effective strategies. 

     I encourage all of our members to follow CDC and local health guidance to limit and slow the spread of the virus, including social distancing. Please use all available precautions to stay safe as you continue to care for your patients. Thank you to the entire AZO family for your cooperation, flexibility, and understanding. I look forward to better days ahead on the other side of this unprecedented crisis, and I wish you all nothing but Peace, Friendship, & Brotherly Love. 


Tiffany M. Janajreh

Supreme Directorum 2019-2020

Directorum's Mid-Year Message

January 4, 2020

      It truly is an honor to serve as Supreme Directorum, so thank you for trusting me to lead AZO through this centennial year. I am so lucky to have an amazing group of dedicated officers to work with and I feel that we have made a tremendous amount of progress in just the first 6 months. I also owe my sincere gratitude to all those who I have turned to for advice, especially my Deputy Mike Sedenman, Director of Fraternal Affairs, Bruce Strell, Lou Flacks, who has too many titles to remember, and Izzy, who has no choice but to help as there is nowhere to hide when you live with the Directorum.

       I started the year off with several goals, and your E-Board and appointed officers are making great strides in accomplishing those goals. The Executive Board has continued to hold monthly conference calls which, I believe, has helped us be more in sync, and I have been maintaining check in points with committee members. Each Chapter Directorum should have recently received a mid-year check in survey which will help your Supreme Officers better serve you and your Chapter.

      First, I’d like to commend Adam and Nicole Hodgdon, who have excelled in their roles as Excheque and Signare respectively, maintaining frequent contact with the chapters to ensure things are running smoothly. Nicole Saracino has taken over the reins of retention and Jon has been focusing on our very first goal of the year, which was tackling the task of combing through our Fraternity’s constitution and bylaws to review each and every article to assess whether it needed revision or editing. Jon has done a remarkable job taking on this painstaking project and has developed an organized system to propose amendments in stages so as to not overwhelm the Fraternity at large. This is something that has been needed for years, and I am really proud of Jon’s commitment to the project.

    The second major goal that we took on was the re-development of AZO’s entire pledging process and the creation of a new “Member Education Program”. We re-wrote our Anti-hazing policy to be more current, use better terminology, and to outline the consequences of hazing. Our new policy was reviewed by our Sub-Directorums and Undergraduate Representatives with each individual Chapter Directorum on a documented phone conference. Thank you to our Chapter Directorum’s for their patience and understanding as the document went through several revisions. I really appreciate you bearing with us as we perfected our anti-hazing program. A huge thank you to Frater Rikkin Mehta and his entire legal team for taking the time to review and edit the document and provide all of their expertise. Our Membership Development Committee of Karli Boniello, Amanda Powers and Shom Ganguly have done a great job of completing our new ant-hazing presentation and revising the Candidate Education booklet.

     And now that we are updated on our candidate education materials we can shift to my next focus. Our Directors of Development will spend the rest of this year focusing on exploring our strategies for expansion. We have seen a shift in how universities see Fraternities, and we are at a crossroads where we need to accept change in order to survive. With our new anti-hazing documents in place and an updated constitution, we can begin the process of exploring the option of re-incorporating.

     Under the leadership of the committee chairs, we have achieved many accomplishments and to highlight just a few of those accomplishments: our Advocacy chairs have continued with our Opioid Task Force, have been posting monthly pharmaceutical topic videos, and have sent our resolutions to the respective agencies; our Historian has begun the process of re-organizing our website; our Bellarum has helped us find a new company to begin ordering our Fraternity pins from which will help reduce our significantly growing jewelry costs; our Associate Signare has produced an amazing first Apothecary; our Philanthropy Chairs have continued to promote and fundraise for the Lustgarten Foundation by highlighting different chapter’s events, participating in World Pancreatic Cancer Day, and fundraising during Facebook’s Giving Tuesday event; our Undergraduate Reps have continued to post blogs on the AZO website; and our Professional Affairs and Careers Resource Chairs have created a partnered mentorship program which has first focused on paring undergraduates interested in residency or a fellowship program with Alumni to review their CVs and cover letters and will now be moving onto Phase II of their project which will partner undergraduates interested in retail pharmacy with mentors. Our AZOan Editor is continuing to create our new AZOan, and soon our Associate AZOan Editor will begin to collect ads. Our Fraternal Mentorship Chair hosted a Mentorship Program at our Regional Convention which broke down how a Supreme Meeting works, and our Professional Mentorship Chairs will be hosting their program at our National Convention in July.

       This fall we also saw our first 2-credit continuing education webinar for the 2019-2020 fraternal year which was extremely successful thanks to Katelyn, Jared, Izzy, Lou, NY Alumni and to our speaker Jason Scott. This CE webinar was the first of 4 that will be offered this fraternal year. The courses will remain free for active fraters and we are now offering the program for $25 for non-active members. Our next course will be offered at the end of January and I would like to thank AZO Philadelphia, Vince Paul, and our next speaker Vishal Amin in advance.

       I am also very excited to announce that thanks to Frater Mike Seidenman, PSD, our AZOans and Apothecaries have now been cataloged in the Lloyd Library and Museum. I am so grateful to Mike for ensuring that AZO’s history will be preserved and I encourage anyone who happens to be in the Cincinnati area to stop by the Lloyd Library and Museum to check it out.

      The first half of my term in office has personally been a whirlwind as I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with a few different chapters and have been able to participate in their Chapter events. The month of September began with a fun-filled weekend trip to Portland, Maine to spend time with the Lambda Nu Chapter. Due to bad weather, the cruise that the Chapter had planned was cancelled last minute, but I was so impressed with how quickly they were able to reschedule an event, and I had a great time in the Escape Room. And yes, my team managed to escape! In mid-September I was honored to attend Epsilon’s Lustgarten walk on Rutgers campus and speak on behalf of the Fraternity on our commitment to the Lustgarten Foundation and also personally honor my Dad’s memory. After the walk I had a great time at Epsilon’s annual “Family Day”. At the end of the month I dove 9 hours (both ways) to Findlay, OH to visit Theta Gamma. It’s been a long time since I did a girls road trip, and I forgot how fun those are! My road trip buddies and I had the opportunity to volunteer with Theta Gamma at the Hope House, attend Findlay’s Octoberfest, and attend the Chapter’s annual AZhOeDown. In October I was able to attend Rutgers Homecoming, which was incredible to see not just the fraternalism present, but just how family-friendly AZO is. I don’t remember the last time I saw that many children at Homecoming. I think we are fast approaching a time when we will have to move the beer-pong tables over to make room for a bouncy house, and honestly, that’s pretty amazing to see. At the end of the month I traveled up to Connecticut to visit with the Nu chapter at their annual Nu-Polooza.

       Already scheduled on the calendar for the coming months is Rho’s Mardi gras, Tau’s induction ceremony, Sigma’s Bowlathon, a trip to visit Pi Rho, and formal events for Delta Tau, Tau and Epsilon. I am also looking to schedule a time to have dinner with New York Alumni and travel to see Kappa. With all of the travel scheduled, if your Chapter is hosting an event please let me know ASAP so that I can do my best to try to attend! All of our chapters do so many good things for their schools and communities and I am so proud of seeing all of the things that you have accomplished.

      As I said before, the hard work of the other executive and appointed officers is very apparent this year thus far and I am so lucky to have such a great set of motivated officers to work with this year. In closing, I’d like to thank all of the Fraters that attended our Regional Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, and thank you to Lou & Gloria Flacks and Izzy Janajreh for all of their efforts in planning the convention.  I’d like to extend my sincerest congratulations to Fraters Karli Boneillo and Mallory Norman on receiving the Jay Pollock Supreme Undergraduate Award this year. Your excitement for AZO is contagious, and I look forward to seeing all of your continued involvement in the Fraternity.


Tiffany M. Janajreh

Supreme Directorum 2019-2020



Directorum's Beginning of the Year Message 

July 31, 2019


      What an extraordinary 100 years of Alpha Zeta Omega! What we celebrate this year is not simply the journey that AZO has traveled, but the journey that each and every Frater has traveled in the last 100 years. It is an incredible honor and a privilege for me to serve this great fraternity at the mark of our centennial anniversary. 

    Alpha Zeta Omega is an organization with a proud past and an exciting future. As I refer to the past I wish to acknowledge the achievements of our outgoing Supreme Directorum, Katelyn Harrison. Katelyn's leadership was steady, assured, and organized and AZO benefitted greatly from her term as Directorum, and I look forward to her continued involvement as Chair to our Continuing Education Committee.  

And so to our future. Over the next year, we will continue to build on our strengths, but also take new directions. I am excited to have Jonathan McLachlan and Nicole Saracino serve by my side as my 1st and 2nd Sub-Directorums, respectively. Jon will be focusing on compiling manuals for each Supreme position and cataloging them to ensure that future incoming officers have direction for their terms in office, and will be chairing our Awards Committee. Nicole will be taking over the Retention Committee which she will chair alongside our new AZO Direct Chair, Ashley Simpson. I am confident that with Ashley’s ability to connect with people she will help boost our retention efforts. Ashley will be responsible for working alongside Continuing Education Committee member, Jared Stroud, to promote another 8 live CEs through our webinar program. After launching the program last year with great success, this year we will move forward with offering our CEs to non-fraters and inactive fraters for a fee. I thank in advance the NY Alumni and AZO Philadelphia Chapters for their continued support of AZO’s continuing education program.

      I am excited to see our new Signare/Excheque duo of Adam Schweitzer and Nicole Hodgdon. I am confident that Adam will take what he has learned this past year and thrive in the Excheque role yet again. And with the organizational skills, commitment, and OCD tendencies, I know that Nicole Hodgdon has exactly what it takes to seamlessly slip right into the Signare role. Having served in both of these roles myself, I can say first hand that the Excheque and Signare run this Fraternity, and it is impossible to succeed without their dedication.

      I welcome to the E-Board Alyssa Schweitzer, who is stepping into the role of Associate Signare. Having just finished up what can only be described as a beautiful AZOan, I couldn’t imagine a better person to take over creating and publishing our Apothecaries and maintain our rosters. For Bellarum, I am excited to welcome Nikki Cammarota to the role. Her passion and love for this organization are unmatched, and her level of creativity with special projects is wonderful. And lastly to round out our E-Board are our Undergraduate Representative Jessica Breitweg and Associate Undergraduate Representatives, Lauren Neese and Carol Enid. I look forward to seeing you at many upcoming chapter events! 

      For appointed positions, I stived to find the best places for everyone so that we can have the most effective year possible. Throughout the upcoming year you can rest assured that communication with the Fraternity at large will be a top priority and I plan to utilize this website as well as our social media platforms to dissiminate information, which I will do with the assistance of our Director of Electronic Communications and Website Architect, Tan Carlin. Joining him on the Website Committee will be Harjeet Caberwal, Izzy Janajreh, and our new Historian, Nicole Silengo. I have also challenged Nicole to create a new promotional video for our centennial year, and I know that with her creativity and need for perfection she will develop an incredible production. She has already been so helpful in convention planning, that I know that she will excel in this creative role. Our AZOan Editor has quite the difficult task ahead as we move away from a publisher and as we create, publish, and mail the AZOan on our own. I cannot think of a better person to take on this HUGE task other than Kelly Garrity. I know that Kelly has the commitment that it takes to take on this massive undertaking. Knowing the amount of man hours that lay ahead, assisting Kelly with this role will be Morgan Quigley, who will serve as our very first AZOan Associate Editor. Morgan will collect reports so that Kelly can focus on the creative design and layout of the AZOan.


          Our Director of Fraternal Affairs will remain Bruce Strell, our Director of Mailing and Special Projects will remain Lou Flacks, Joy Pollock will continue to serve as our Legal Advisor and Chaplain will remain Paul Holly. John Anciano will remain our Director of Financial Affairs and joining him on the Auditing and Budgeting Committee will be Izzat Janajreh and Katelyn Parsons, which mathematically speaking is really the dream team! 

      Taking over the Newspaper Cup Chair position will be Mallory Norman, taking over the EG Sless Scholarship Chair will be Daniel Hannig, and taking over Good & Welfare will be Nick Woodard. Heading up our fundraising efforts will be Sandra Rolon and Brianna Shea. Both Sandra and Bri are two creative individuals and I know that together, not only will they maintain our current fundraisers, but will develop new and excited ways to raise money. Staying in the role of 50/50 raffle chair will be Steve Brooks, and our Archiving Committee will be chaired by Christopher Yanoschak once again with new addition, Nelson Rodriguez.

     We will also continue to focus on our professional and philanthropic efforts once again. With Harjeet Caberwal and Krystal Riccardella taking over Professional Mentorship, they will work to expand the utilization of our alumni data base and will create a professional mentorship seminar for an upcoming convention alongside Joanna McCormack and Natalie Underdown, who will serve as chairs to the Professional Affairs and Career Resources Committee. Rounding out our professional department is Neva Gross, Nikole Shpilfogel and Addison Sember who will serving as our Advocacy Committee. I know that with their passion and drive, we as a Fraternity can continue our efforts on bringing awareness to issues within the profession of pharmacy, guide our national advocacy efforts around federal pharmacy bills, and assist chapters on local advocacy initiatives.

    As for our national philanthropy of the year, how could it be anything but the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer? We as a Fraternity have been deeply affected by this terrible and deadly disease with so many members expierencing personal loss due to pancreatic cancer. I have a personal connection to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer as I lost my own Father to pancreatic cancer 5 years ago. For anyone that had the opportunity to meet him, you know how much he loved AZO simply because of how much I love AZO. I am so happy to see Darius Papulis and Jessica Filippoli become our next Philanthropy Chairs. I originally challenged them to out-raise the funds raised this previous year, but after reaching $20,000.00 by the end of our Centennial Convention Celebration, I know that this is a tall order to fill. But even still, if there ever were two people who could take on that challenge, it would be Darius and Jess. These are two people who you can ask anything of and you can just rest assured that it will be taken care of. 

     One of the most important tasks that we take on this year is the redevelopment of our pledging process. As we begin to recreate our new member orientation methods and focus on how to better educate our new members, our Recruitment Committee will have lot of work ahead of them. As we enter into a new era, we must change. From the beginning our Founding Fathers understood how change would come, just as we understand how necessary change is. This is no easy task, but I know that our new Recruitment Committee Chair, Karli Boniello is the perfect person to take on this role. Someone who puts her all into everything that she does, I am confident that Karli, along with her committee; with assistance from our Directors of Development, Bradford Perry and Jason Marchal, our Director of Fraternal Development, Diane Gomes, and our Special Actions Committee made up of Shari Fine and Lauren Judson, together, they will work on these new initiatives, and I look forward to having a new member education process to present in January. 

     I am excited to see us move forward in the next 100 years. The commitment, sense of sacrifice, sense of community, and the willingness to do our part for one another has always been what defines us as AZO. In 100 years we've seen many changes, but one thing remains the same..... Fraternalism. And as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the past 100 years; even as we inherit extraordinary progress that cannot be denied, we still have so much more to accomplish. Ultimately, if we are to be true to our past, we must look to our future. And in 100 years from now, when AZO is celebrating it's 200th anniversary, let it be said that this generation did its part, like the generation of Sidney Rome, Bob Kirschner, Jay Pollock, and Ernie Jacobson did, like the generation of Founding Fathers did before them. 

     In closing, I would like to offer one final thank you to the Fraternity for your confidence in me to lead AZO into this next century. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to give back to an organization that has given me so much. I look forward to the new and exciting changes that lay ahead and I know that no matter what, with the officers that we have in place, we will continue this upward trajectory and continue to build upon our accomplishments. 

     I wish you all a year filled with lots of peace, friendship, and brotherly love. 


Tiffany M. Janajreh

Supreme Directorum 2019-2020

Updated: January 4th, 2020

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