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Anti-Hazing Policy



Mission Statement:

Alpha Zeta Omega National Pharmaceutical Fraternity (herein Alpha Zeta Omega or AZO) is a pharmaceutical Fraternity composed of Pharmacists and Undergraduates in Pharmacy, selected on the basis of: Character, Fellowship, and Scholarship. The objectives of the fraternity are to promote the profession of Pharmacy; to develop high standards of Scholarship; to inculcate a spirit of Fellowship amongst all of its members; to bring together a body of professional men and women who, by the diligent maintenance of ethical ideals and faithful service, have proven a credit to their chosen profession; to honor achievement in others; to commend all worthy deeds; to build within our Fraternity a triangle composed of three supporting sides which are peace, friendship, and brotherly love.


Anti-Hazing Policy Statement:

AZO does not condone nor participates in physical or mental (emotional) hazing of any kind and by any definition. The Supreme Chapter strictly prohibits the hazing of individuals involved in any fraternity activities, including initiation. As a result, the Supreme Legal Advisor has compiled the following information to increase awareness concerning the actions defined as hazing and make clear the position that the fraternity has adopted against such actions.


Supreme Constitution:

As stated in the Supreme Constitution, Sec. 242: Any form of hazing is expressly prohibited. Hazing is defined as, but not limited to: any action taken or situation created, intentionally, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment and ridicule. These actions and situations include, but are not limited to, subjugation through excessive fatigue, physical and psychological shock, scavenger hunts which involve illegal activities, one-way road trips which leave an individual to find return transportation, , morally depraved and degrading activities, compulsory consumption of alcoholic beverages, prescription or nonprescription drugs, controlled substances, and any other activity that is not consistent with the laws, regulations and policies of the sheltering institution, or behavior considered as unbecoming of a Member of AZO. 


Definition of Hazing:

 “Hazing” is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off of a college campus, inflicted on person(s) joining a group or member(s) of a group, that creates mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule, regardless of the individual’s consent.  Hazing includes any mental or physical requirement, request, or obligation which emphasizes one individual’s power over others; that could cause pain, disgrace, or injury. Any activity that violates Federal, State, Local statutes or University policies is prohibited by AZO.  Such activities and situations include, but are not limited to:

  1.  Team initiations

  2. Kidnapping

  3. Requiring inappropriate dress for the purpose of public embarrassment

  4. Paddling in any form

  5.  Creation of excessive fatigue for inappropriate reasons

  6. Inappropriate labor required

  7. Mandated or forced branding or tattooing, or any form of body mutilation

  8. Any act of physical abuse, psychological abuse, or verbal abuse (including but not limited to: “line-ups”, or forced calisthenics unless part of an organized athletic activity sponsored by a recognized/sanctioned sports program), surprise or fake initiations, etc.

  9. Inappropriately exposing participants to adverse weather conditions

  10. Engaging in public stunts and humiliating games and activities

  11. Mandated late night sessions that interfere with scholastic and occupational activities

  12. Running personal errands for members or mandating tasks only of new members

  13. Use of inappropriate language, (including but not limited to: derogatory nicknames, racist remarks, or any other type of profanity)

  14. Forced consumption (including but not limited to: illegal substances, food, alcohol, or any other type of liquid)


Federal and State Laws and University Policies:

All chapters of AZO are to abide by the policies implemented by the university/college campus at which they are chartered.  Chapters must also adhere to all federal and state laws on hazing.  Please be reminded that hazing is a violation of the law and perpetrators may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties.  Chapters must obtain a yearly copy of their university/college policies along with all applicable state laws for their files, which will be maintained by the Chapter Directorum on a yearly basis.

Alpha Zeta Omega Policies:

  1. Anyone experiencing or witnessing a violation of the AZO hazing policy is encouraged to report the incident to the Supreme Chapter.  Any individual or group alleged to have engaged in hazing will be referred to the Supreme Board of Justices, which will handle allegations in accordance with its usual procedures for alleged violations of Fraternity policies, except otherwise noted in this policy.

  2. If AZO finds that a Chapter has engaged in hazing, or that the Chapter did not take reasonable steps to prevent hazing by its members or affiliates, culpability may be attributed to the individual perpetrators, and/or Chapter elected or appointed officers, subject to the defense that the individual student could not reasonably have prevented the hazing.

  3. All students, including potential new members and current members of any Chapter of AZO, have a responsibility to avoid participating in hazing activities.


Implementation of Policies:

The Directorum, or his/her designees, have the primary responsibility for informing initiates, members, alumni, and its affiliates on all anti-hazing policies.  The AZO Anti-Hazing policy shall be read by each Chapter Directorum at the first meeting of each semester. All members who facilitate new member education must participate in anti-hazing training. The New Member Educator shall be responsible for informing new member candidates of the hazing policies prior to the first recruitment activity.  All members, whether active or inactive, who anticipate on participating in a Chapter’s new member orientation process must read and sign the AZO Anti-Hazing Policy prior to the start of each orientation period.

A copy of this agreement must be kept in the Chapter’s files for the entire fraternal year and the original must be sent to the Supreme Signare by the required due date.



The Supreme Chapter is proud of inculcating a spirit of peace, friendship and brotherly love. In order to effectuate this mission, the Supreme expects all conduct to be responsible with inspirational educational and induction programs and ceremonies.  The aim of the AZO new member orientation is that it be a positive, educational experience for all involved.  At the heart of Alpha Zeta Omega is brotherhood and professionalism, and brotherhood involves personal association, involvement, and achievement.  It also places certain responsibilities upon our shoulders.  Included among these responsibilities is the need to strictly adhere to all policies set forth by the fraternity and to instill these same principles in tomorrow's members.


Anti-Hazing Form

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