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In Memoriam

Rest In Peace My Friend

"Death is the last chapter in life, but the first chapter in eternity"

These were the merciful Fraters whose righteous deeds have not been forgotten. They are transmitted to their decendants; a good inheritance for their posterity. This posterity shall endure forever and their glory will not be blotted out, they live buried in peace; their names live on for all generations. Alpha Zeta Omega will declare their wisdom and recite praise. 

Remembering Myron Krop, P.S.D., Epsilon

April 11, 1929-February 18, 2020

1974-1975 Supreme Directorum

1980 Meritorious Award Receipient

Past Supreme Directorum Myron Krop passed away February 18th at the age of 90.

Myron was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University where

he joined the Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Zeta Omega in 1951 and gave of himself 

unstintingly ever since becoming a Frater. After graduating from Pharmacy school

in 1952 Myron served in the U.S. Army before returning to New Jersey where he

married Marion Weinberg in 1956. 

Myron served as Epsilon's Bellarum, Signare, Sub-Directorum, and served as

3-time Chapter Directorum throughout the 1960's. He was in charge of setting up

several regional and national conventions during that time as well. Locally, he

originated and chaired the Epsilon Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Program, the AZO-Rutgers-Hoffmann LaRoche Guidance Counsellor Seminar Program, and AZO Continuing Education Seminars in New Jersey. He helped lead the fight for the state sales tax exemptions for vitamins, insulin and related items, obtaining some 200K names on petitions in a successful campaign to modify the state tax laws. He lead the AZO Division of Pharmacists' campaign for the new Rutgers Pharmacy building when it was moved from Newark to its' current home in New Brunswick. 

Within the Fraternity's national scope, he was named AZOmedic chairman in 1968, and moved up to Supreme Signare in 1969, serving two years in the highly critical period when that difficult office was being split into its two present two halves. In 1971, he became Excheque, followed by serving as 2nd Sub-Directorum and then 1st Sub-Directorum before finally taking office as Supreme Directorum in 1974. Myron was honored in 1980 with AZO's Meritorious Award which is AZO's highest individual honor for long and meritorious service to the fraternity. 

Myron owned Center Tabard Pharmacy in Hillside, NJ and many Fraternity members credit their first jobs in pharmacy to him. Others learned the ropes while working with him on the buying cooperative he started with several other AZO pharmacy owners known as Tabard Drugs. 

Myron was like a brother, uncle or third parent for many in AZO and has been called the quintessential AZO frater, who embodied the Philosophy of Peace, Friendship, and Brotherly Love. Bob Kirschner once said, “Only a handful of Fraters can truly be pointed to as those who could - or did - nearly fully control the fate of their respective Chapter. Myron is the Frater to whom all eyes and all minds turn in his Chapter when a delicate issue is to be settled. It is a rare and interesting combination of leadership, talent and courage.”

Myron is survived by his loving wife Marion of 65 years, his 3 children, Stacey, Karen, Richard and their spouses, 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. Myron will be remembered for his quick wit; his positive outlook; his hard work; loyalty; and, most of all, his friendship.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Ernie Jacobson, P.S.D., Beta

April 23, 1930-January 8, 2018

1991-1992 Supreme Directorum

1999 Meritorious Award Receipient

Past Supreme Directorum Ernie Jacobson passed away

January 8, 2018 at the age of 87. Born in Germany, Ernie joined

Alpha Zeta Omega, Beta Chapter at Philadelphia College of

Pharmacy and Science in 1950.

After graduation in 1953, Ernie served in the United States Army

for two years and returned to Philadelphia to practice community

pharmacy for over 40 years. Ernie was a member of National

Association of Retail Druggists where he served on its Board of Directors, and the Masons. Upon retiring from practice, Ernie and his wife, Dottie, split time between Philadelphia and Florida. 

Ernie held many positions in both Beta and Philadelphia Alumni, culminating with serving as Directorum in 1965-1966, followed by many years on the Board of Directors. His first position in Supreme was Bellarum in 1986-1987, followed by two years as Excheque, 2nd Sub-Directorum, 1st Sub-Directorum, and Supreme Directorum in 1991-1992. After leaving office, Ernie served as Ephraim G. Sless Memorial Chairman, 11 years as Director of Financial Affairs, and as a Trustee of the EG Sless Memorial Fund for three years. Ernie was chosen as the 1999 Meritorious Award Receipient. 

Ernie and Past National Auxiliary President, Dottie were married in 1951 and Ernie is survived by his son Barry (Carrie), daughter Heidi Rubin (Mitchell), grandchildren Brad Jacobson, (Elinora), Rachel Jacobson, David Jacobson (Stephanie), Emily Jacobson, Ilana Rubin (Matan), Shira Chervin (Ben), and great grandson Noah Price Jacobson. 

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Irving Goldberg, P.S.D., Pi

April 10, 1915 - March 27, 2014

1960-1961 Supreme Directorum

Past Supreme Directorum Irving Goldberg passed away March 27, 2014 at the age of 98. Born in New Jersey, Irving joined Alpha Zeta Omega Pi Chapter at George Washington University in 1935. Irving, along with AZO partners, operated five drug stores in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. He held multiple local offices, culminating as Pi Directorum in 1949-1950. He served as chairman of the Supreme Eastern Regional in October 1951 and again chaired the 1957 National Convention. In July 1952, Irving was appointed to the new position of AZO Supreme Liaison Officer serving as the Supreme supervisor for Conventions and Regionals. He was elected Supreme Excheque in 1955, Signare in 1956 and 1957. Moving to 2nd Sub-Directorum in 1958 and 1st Sub-Directorum in 1959 led to his election as Supreme Directorum in 1960. He continued in service in Supreme service as Supreme Chaplain. He was predeceased by wives Mildred and Selma Goldberg. He was survived by son David (Marsha) and daughter Sandi, five grandchildren, and six greatgrandchildren.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Nathan Lee Pack, P.S.D., Omicron

October 3, 1922 - June 30, 2015

1967-1968 Supreme Directorum

Past Supreme Directorum Nathan Pack passed away on June 30, 2015 at the age of 92. Nathan joined Alpha Zeta Omega Omicron Chapter on February 13, 1948. He held several offices with Detroit Alumni, rising to their Directorum for 1960-1961. He chaired several Regional Conventions hosted by Detroit Alumni over the years. In Supreme, his first appointed office was Editor. He then served two years as Signare, 2nd Sub-Directorum, 1st Sub-Directorum, and 1967 Convention Chairman, which culminated in his installation as Supreme Directorum. As Supreme Directorum, Nathan created a Special Emergency Committee to assist Fraters affected by the many riots that took place throughout the country. His wife Betty and son Jeffrey predeceased Nathan. He is survived by daughter Sandy (Steven) Velick, grandchildren Brittany, Ali, and Blake Velick, and sister Rose Weinstein.

Rest in peace, Frater. 

Remembering Herbert S. Garde, P.S.D., Beta

February 4, 1923 - September 23, 2015

1965-1966 Supreme Directorum

1986 Meritorious Award Recipient

Herb Garde was born in Philadelphia and attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science for two years. Army service during World War II interrupted his education, which he resumed upon discharge in 1946. He joined Alpha Zeta Omega Beta Chapter on November 16, 1947. While in pharmacy school, Herb started and successfully operated his own manufacturing company. He continued his practice with executive positions in manufacturing and the drug wholesale industry. Herb served in every office in Philadelphia Alumni, culminating as Directorum in 1958-1960. In Supreme, he served for two terms as Bellarum, Excheque, 2nd SubDirectorum, 1st Sub-Directorum and 1965-1966 Supreme Directorum. His first act as Directorum solved a problem that existed since AZO’s founding. By creating the office of Director of Fraternal Affairs, Herb found a way to keep Past Supreme Directorums active after their term of office. This concept continues to this day. His activity in the Supreme Chapter continued as Board Member and, when created, as Director of Trade Relations. His first wife, Marilyn, predeceased Herb. He is survived by his wife, Arlyne Weinstock Garde; son, Alan Garde; daughter, TerriAnn Davitch (David), stepchildren, David Weinstock (Rose) and Dr. Marybeth Weinstock; grandchildren Justin Davitch (Arielle), Drew Davitch, and Selena Weinstock.

Rest in peace, Frater

Remembering Woodrow "Woody" Weinstein, P.S.D., Zeta

February 15, 1940 - March 8, 2015

1984-1985 Supreme Directorum

2002 Meritorious Award Recipient

Frater Weinstein was born in New York and was initiated into Zeta Chapter

in March 1958. He graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in

Pharmacy in 1961. While stationed at Fort Knox he was introduced to

Annette by Frater Sid and Rose Hillman, P.N.P. at a convention in Cincinnati

in 1968. They were married a year later. After living in New York for several

years, Woody and Annette moved to Cincinnati. He was active in Zeta

Chapter where the stories of the pranks pulled by Woody and his older

brother Frater Arnie were epic! But his move to Cincinnati and becoming a

member of Eta Chapter and his love for AZO started an outstanding local

and Supreme career.

Locally, Woody started out as Associate Signare for four years and

progressed to three terms as Directorum. He Co-Chaired the Cincinnati

Regional Conventions in 1972 and 1974, the 1981 National Convention and

was the chief fundraiser for the 1984 National Convention. Woody ran the Eta Chapter citywide Continuing Education program for many years while serving as Eta Excheque for more years than I can remember. He was instrumental in Eta Chapter’s program to raise thousands of dollars for the Cincinnati Zoo when he talked the Chapter into buying a saddle for one of the elephants. The zoo used our saddle for many years to give rides to zoo attendees (Some of you older Fraters might still remember your first elephant ride at our convention.). Woody was Eta Chapter’s Man of the Year and received the Ephraim G. Sless Award in June 1980. His Supreme Career started in 1970 when he edited one of the best AZOANs ever. He served in many Supreme Board positions then was elected 2nd Sub Directorum in 1982 to begin his march through the Supreme line ending when he became Supreme Directorum in 1984.

Woody's love for AZO, his sense of humor, his wealth of experience, his belief and abiding affection for AZO’s old time Fraternalism, Peace, Friendship and Brotherly Love was recognized by Alpha Zeta Omega in 2002 when Woody was awarded our highest award for long and distinguished service to AZO, The Alpha Zeta Omega Meritorious Award. Woody leaves behind three children, Harvey, Robin and Steven, six grandchildren and unknown numbers of friends and fraters that will cherish his memory forever. This thought by The Director of Education at his Synagogue summed up Woody as well as anyone could: “Woody was more than just a man with witty advice. He had a caring and passionate soul. He would always say, Try to make your life in such a way that you’re going to pay it forward.” Woody’s belief in this was sincere. In fact, if it was not for his kindness, time, and generosity, I would have been lost in this large city. He never wanted to be repaid for his kindness. All he ever wanted from me was a single promise, “Work hard, work smart, and when you make it, help another young person get on his/her feet.”

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Mitchell M. Ross, P.S.D., Nu

July 16, 1929 - December 7, 2014

1971-1972 Supreme Directorum

Mitchell Ross was inducted into Nu Chapter at the University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy in the spring of 1952. Upon graduation, Mitch moved to southwestern Connecticut, away from the activity of Connecticut Alumni in the Hartford area. He was instrumental in the formation of the Southern Connecticut Alumni Chapter and served as its Directorum and chairman of two Regional Conventions hosted by the Chapter. At the same time, an interest in serving Supreme began with his election as Board Member in 1964. He helped to reactivate Tau Chapter and raise contributions for the Synanon Project, a self help program for drug addicts. Board Member was followed by Historian, Excheque, 2nd and 1st Sub-Directorum before becoming Supreme Directorum in 1971. Throughout these years in office, a word to describe Mitch and his activities was “Action” especially in the undergraduate area. In addition to Tau, Mitch was instrumental in reactivating Nu and Upsilon Chapters and assisted in the formation of Zeta Phi in Iowa. These accomplishments were overshadowed by one belief held by Mitch. He strongly believed that AZO should allow women pharmacists and students to be Fraters and stressed this throughout his years in office. During his term as Supreme Directorum, he even stepped down from the chair to defend his belief. This led to the passage of a Constitutional amendment allowing AZO to induct women during his administration. Shortly after his Directorumship, Mitch moved to Florida, maintaining his Fraternal activity with Miami Alumni. With the shortage of pharmacists at this time, Mitch developed a successful pharmacist agency to assist connecting people with opportunity for extra work. He later expanded this service to the Orlando and Tampa areas. Mitch is survived by son Richard Ross of Ellicott City, Maryland, and daughter Melissa Giblin of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering David P. Rosenfield, P.S.D., Mu

November 29, 1925 - June 21, 2014

1966-1967 Supreme Directorum

1972 Meritorious Award Receipient

A native Pittsburgher, Dave was inducted into Mu Chapter of Alpha Zeta Omega at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy April 4, 1952 and immediately began his long career in AZO. A five-time Chapter Directorum who won the Directorum’s Cup, Dave helped on the 1953 Convention and 1956 Regional and was Chairman for the 1962 Fall Regional and 1969 Convention. In Supreme, Dave served as Board Member, Historian, Excheque, Deputy, Second SubDirectorum, and First Sub-Directorum before his year as Supreme Directorum in 1966-1967. During his administration, the first undergraduate convention took place and a new award was established for long service to a local chapter. This award, the Ephraim G. Sless Award, was first presented at the 1967 Convention to its namesake, Ephraim G. Sless. Dave did not devote all of his time to AZO. An independent pharmacy owner, Dave was an instructor at Duquesne University School of Pharmacy, a consultant with Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania, a member of National Association of Retail Druggists, American Pharmaceutical Association, past president of the Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association and Pharmacy Alumni Association of the University of Pittsburgh. Dave was the recipient of the AZO Order of the Double Star and 1972 recipient of the Meritorious Award. Dave is survived by ex-wife Past National Auxiliary President Elaine, daughters Mindy, Elyse, son Stuart, and three grandchildren.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Nicholas "Kappy" Kapusniak, Rho

May 6, 1993 - March 1, 2014 

Nicholas Ryan Kapusniak Waukesha, Wisconsin 20 years old. We are heartbroken

to share the news of the death of our son, Nicholas Kapusniak. Nick was taken

tragically from us on March 1, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri in an unnecessary and

senseless act of gun violence. We are all in shock and still have not come to terms

with his passing. Nick was a loving son, grandson, great grandson, brother,

nephew, cousin and friend. We will always remember him as a loving, caring and

talented individual who always put himself before others. Nick had a gift of

connecting with people and making them laugh. He was fun to be around and he

found joy in life. Nick earned the friendship and love of everyone he met. He was

an avid drummer who loved music, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with troop

641 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, played tennis, and was very active in his church

community and fraternity. Nick will be deeply missed by his friends from his years at Holy Trinity in Webster, New York, Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha, St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis and others across the country. Nick loved going to pharmacy school, being a pharmacist was his dream. As parents we are so proud of his accomplishments. Although we lost our son, we will always be grateful for the journey he took us on over the last 20 years. A Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of Nick Kapusniak has been established.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Morris A. Morton, P.S.D., Omicron

July 16, 1920 - June 28, 2013

1951-1952 Supreme Directorum

1989 Meritorious Award Receipient

Morris Morton was born in Detroit, moved to Brooklyn, New York, and then returned to Detroit. He attended the Detroit Institute of Technology College of Pharmacy for one year and transferred to Wayne University to complete his studies. In October, 1939, while at Detroit Institute, Morrie joined the Omicron Chapter of Alpha Zeta Omega and he attended his first AZO convention in Detroit the following summer. Morrie married Kal in 1943 and enjoyed over 60 years together. They were blessed with a son, two daughters, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. After serving in the army during World War II, Morrie returned to Detroit and, over the next 37 years, owned and operated independent pharmacies, and pharmacies in a mental hospital, alcohol and drug rehabilitation hospital, nursing homes, and medical clinic. Morrie was instrumental in starting Phi Chapter at Wayne University in 1951 and was the first Directorum of Detroit Alumni upon its formation in 1955. Morrie was appointed Azoan Editor in 1948, elected Supreme Excheque in 1950 and followed that with his election as Supreme Directorum in 1951. He continued to serve in the Supreme Chapter with participation on Special Actions, Scheduling, and Good & Welfare committees. After retiring in 1982, Morrie formed the Tri-County Alumni Chapter from Fraters living in Florida. A year later, this chapter hosted the Spring Regional on a two-night cruise. In 1989, almost 40 years after his first Supreme office, the Supreme Chapter honored Morrie with the Meritorious Award.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Sheldon Berson, P.S.D., Beta Alpha

October 16, 1928 - July 7, 2013

1986-1987 Supreme Directorum

2000 Meritorious Award Receipient

Sheldon was born in Milwaukee and lived there his entire life. He attended the University of Wisconsin, graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1951. Sheldon practiced community pharmacy his entire career, opening two pharmacies. He is survived by wife Beverly, sons Steven and David, daughter Julie, and two grandchildren. Shel joined the Milwaukee Alumni Chapter of Alpha Zeta Omega in 1971 and quickly became an officer, holding the Signare and Directorum several times. He helped organize the chapter’s Continuing Education series. He was named the Chapter Man of the Year in 1980. In Supreme, Sheldon started his career as Board Member, going to Associate Signare, Signare, 2nd and 1st Sub-Directorum, and culminating with his election as Supreme Directorum at the 1986 convention in Milwaukee. As Directorum, he installed the Florida Tri-County Alumni and Tau chapters. Following his Directorumship, Sheldon has served as Chaplain, Historian, Director of Financial Affairs, and participated on several committees. The Supreme Chapter honored him with the Meritorious Award in 2000. Shel and Beverly’s warm, friendly, and joyous company at conventions will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Herman S. Langer, P.S.D., Beta Alpha

October 7, 1916 - July 13, 2012

1969-1970 Supreme Directorum

2001 Meritorious Award Receipient

Herman S. Langer, 94, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 7, 1916 and except for two years working in a Chicago lumberyard, had been a Milwaukee resident all of his life. He was the son of Walter and Norma Langer. Walter was the founder of the long respected Langer Drug Store in Milwaukee. Herman graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1943, with a B.S. degree in Pharmacy.

He was a World War II “90 day” wonder from the Northwestern University’s Midshipman’s School and served as a naval officer for two years. During his naval career, he wed the charming Phyllis (nee Cohen) Langer, pride of Philadelphia, on June 11, 1943. They had two children, Cheryl born 1948 (a pharmacist) and Fred born 1951. Phyllis and Herman were blessed with four grandchildren, Carol and Brian Hochenbergn and Mathew and Gregory Langer Within the profession, Frater Langer was in the hospital supply business from 1946 to 1980. From 1962 to 1986 he was a main stockholder in the Langer Drug Store. He had been a board member of the Milwaukee Jewish Home for the Aged and a board member of a hospital in Milwaukee. He was a member of the Temple Brotherhood, active on the Jewish Welfare Fund and was a 32nd Degree Mason.

During his career, Herman was very active in the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) and the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Society. Ever since helping to organize the Fraternity in Milwaukee in 1963, Herman Langer had been a mainstay of the Chapter. A Charter Member, he served for four years as Signare, and two terms (1968-1970) as Beta Alpha (Milwaukee Alumni) Directorum. At the 1967 Fraternity Convention in Milwaukee, Herman was one of the Chairmen and the highest-ranking host chapter member on the Convention Committee. He was elected to the Supreme Excheque’s office in 1965. He served in that capacity for two outstanding years, reorganizing the Supreme’s financial structure in the process. He became Second Sub-Directorum in 1967 and First Sub-Directorum in 1968.

Herman became Supreme Directorum in 1969 after just six years of Fraternity service. In 2001, Herman received the Meritorious Award, the Fraternity’s oldest individual honor given to a Frater for long and distinguished service. Since then he had served the Milwaukee Chapter in many capacities until his death. AZO has lost a loyal Frater.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Robert Kirschner, P.S.D., Zeta

February 24, 1933 - February 28, 2012

1964-1965 Supreme Directorum

1968 Meritorious Award Receipient

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Past Supreme Directorum Robert Kirschner. Even though Bob has only appeared at two Supreme meetings since his move to the Dominican Republic in 1997, his knowledge of multiple aspects of the operation of Alpha Zeta Omega from its inception to this day is unsurpassed. Bob Kirschner was born to Max and Esther Kirschner in the Bronx, New York and attended Columbia University College of Pharmacy. From that fateful day of February 24, 1954, when Bob was inducted into Zeta, until last month, Bob lived and breathed AZO.

As Zeta Directorum in 1955- 56, he was awarded a Directorum’s Cup. He repeated this with New York Alumni in 1962-63 along with being a Newspaper Contest winner in 1958. A 55 year history in Supreme started with two years as AzoMedic Chairman from 1956-58, followed by Historian, three years as Signare, 2nd Sub-Directorum, 1st Sub-Directorum, and culminating with his election as Supreme Directorum. During his term as Directorum, the Order of the Double Star Award was established. Following his Directorship, Bob was appointed Director of Fraternal Affairs, a position created exclusively for him. He was subsequently reappointed every year until he announced his upcoming retirement in 1983. Since 1985, following his retirement from this position, he has held the title of Director of Fraternal Affairs Emeritus. Among his other accomplishments, Bob co-authored “40 Years of AZO”, in which he compiled a listing of every Frater every inducted. He later was the author of “A 10 Year Survey of AZO” and “And 10 Makes 60.”

In 1974, having moved to New Jersey, Bob switched his allegiance to the Epsilon Chapter where he remained until he moved out of the country in 1997. It was during this time period when he met Carmen and her son Alex, who would put an end to his bachelorhood. Bob would be the person found at 2 am in convention hotel lobbies talking with anyone who wanted to listen and learn about AZO’s history, traditions, folklore, future expansion, fraternalism, and anything else, as long as it had something to do with AZO. Bob Kirschner will always be remembered as the true definition of AZO Fraternalism.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Manuel Fiel, P.S.D., Beta

May 8, 1928 - December 19, 2009

2004-2005 Supreme Directorum

On Saturday, December 19th, 2009 at a little after 7 A.M., I received a call from Arlene that my friend of 60 years, who had given his efforts to AZO both locally and nationally, was no longer with us. Manuel “Manny” Fiel was born on May 8th, 1928, in the city of Philadelphia. He entered the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1949. Manny was inducted into the Beta chapter in 1950. The Philadelphia Alumni chapter always welcomed the undergraduates to their meetings and functions while still in college. Manny was directorum of Beta in 1952. His first convention was in 1951 in Cincinnati. He attended the convention in New York with his bride to be, Arlene Sylk with the Jacobson’s as chaperones. After graduating in 1953, Manny entered the U.S. Army and went to San Antonio, Texas and Fort Dix, New Jersey. In 1955, Manny came home to Pharmacy and AZO. Manny went into retail pharmacy with his brother Paul in Northeast Philadelphia and continued in retail until the late 70s. He then worked for a mail order firm and continued in his chosen profession in nursing home pharmacy until he retired to Clearwater, Florida in 2003. He was Directorum of the Philadelphia Alumni chapter in 1963 and 1973. He worked with Frater Moe Abrams to start the CE Seminar programs in Philadelphia. He did this up until he moved to Florida in 2003. Although living in Florida, he remained active in the Philadelphia Alumni and also consulted for the CE program. In 2003, Manny joined the National family as Sub-Directorum and was inducted at the convention in Aruba as Supreme Directorum in 2004. Manny loved his family to the fullest. He leaves his wife Arlene of almost 59 years and three daughters, Sheryl, Kathi and Robin. He had seven grandchildren and the light of his life, great-granddaughter, Lily. Manny will be missed by many people. Family, friends and above all, his AZO brothers. May he rest in peace. 

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Irving Barron, P.S.D., Theta

April 19, 1924 - January 22, 2009

1981-1982 Supreme Directorum

1992 Meritorious Award Receipient

Irving Barron of Cleveland, Ohio passed away on January 22, 2009. Irv’s word was golden and he upheld the ethics of pharmacy. He was known by the Pharmacy State Board of inspectors as one who followed all regulations to the letter, and his commitment to his patients was unwavering. When insurance companies refused to pay for certain medications, Irv would not substitute less effective drugs that let his patients suffer, but continued to dispense them without payment. Without fanfare, Irv carried on God’s work, upholding a high moral standard and performing acts of kindness and compassion that made a difference in the lives of others.

While most of us thought of Irv as a very quiet person, in his Pharmacy, he was outgoing and showed another side altogether. He would come out from behind the counter to greet people, and ask about their families with sincere interest. Customers became like long friends and friends remained steady all his years. He knew a lot about all of them and he knew about his profession too. The Pharmacy Oath, says “I will keep abreast of developments and maintain professional competency in my profession of pharmacy.” He could never have imagined how radically his pharmacy would change, and all the different areas in which he would develop extreme competency.

Irv had the complete trust of his customers. When Marshall joined Irv, it took the customers a while to accept prescriptions from anyone but Irv. When the pharmacy focus changed to Long Term Care, Irv worked a full day in the pharmacy and then reviewed patient charts in the nursing homes past midnight well into his sixties. In 1988 Irv closed the Chagrin Falls Retail Pharmacy and the two of them started car pooling every day to Twinsburg, where together they built up the nursing home practice. Again the concentration changed from helping the elderly to making babies as Barron Pharmacy also became a clinic pharmacy known as Tallmadge Family Drug, and depending on which phone rang, you either helped cure colds or stimulate ovaries. In 1996 already at an age when most pharmacists were past retirement, they decided to move closer to home in Beachwood to specialize strictly as a fertility pharmacy. Even into his early 80s, Irv was meticulously weighing the powders and compounding preparations with pharmaceutical elegance; taking orders from the doctors and nurses, and calling the Pharmaceutical company representatives.

Irv was an ideal role model professionally and personally for many pharmacists young and old. He was a preceptor for pharmacy students from several pharmacy schools and during his years as AZO local and national president helped to raise funds for student scholarships. His efforts at fundraising for AZO resulted in ambulances being bought for Red Magan David (Israeli Red Cross). He was the President of the Cleveland Academy of Pharmacy, Supreme Directorum of AZO and earned the Double Star for service to the community and profession and twice honored as Man of the Year. He was reconized for his contributions to the profession of pharmacy and to the communities in which he practiced. His research helped to change the protocol to prevent Reyes Syndrome in children taking aspirin, and his expertise helped police officers identify abused drugs and educate against drug abuse by writing pamphlets distributed in the schools. He is survived by his wife Norma, son Marshall, daughter Rochelle Marx and grandchildren Tiffany, Seth and Shira.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Alan Grimsky, P.S.D., Rho

April 28, 1935 - November 16, 2007

1995-1996 Supreme Directorum

When news of Alan Grimsky’s passing was received, those that knew him felt the loss of a true friend. Alan certainly exemplified the meaning of friendship in everyone he met, regardless if he had just been introduced to you or if he had known you for years. Alan joined Rho Chapter at St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1953, graduating in 1958. He held many offices in both Rho and St. Louis Alumni Chapters culminating in two years as St. Louis Alumni Directorum for 1966-68. Upon the closing of the St. Louis Alumni Chapter, Alan continued to stay active in AZO by paying his dues to Eta Chapter in Cincinnati. The distance may have precluded others from attending a Chapter meeting, but Alan tried to attend two to three Eta Chapter meetings each year.

He attended Supreme meetings for several years, holding a long list of offices starting with two years as Bellarum in 1984-86 and continuing through Associate Signare (1987-88) and Historian (1988-89). After a few year hiatus, he returned as Excheque for two years in 1992-94. In 1994, when the 2nd Sub-Directorum chose not to advance, Alan took the position of 1st SubDirectorum followed by being elected Supreme Directorum for 1995-96 where he formed a husband/wife team with Rhoda serving as National Auxiliary President. In addition to his activity in Alpha Zeta Omega, Alan served as board member for the St. Louis Pharmacists Association and Shaare Zedek Synagogue and as trustee for his local homeowners association. Having started to learn his work ethic at age seven, Alan could have been considered a workaholic. He would work any time he was asked. In fact, upon what many would have considered retirement, he only worked 40 hours per week. He never complained. In fact, he often stated it was fun working. Alan and Rhoda were married June 28, 1959 and have two daughters, Laurie Ann Raffelson and Melissa Dubinsky. They have been blessed with four grandchildren, Michael Royce and Wesley Ross Raffelson and Jaxson Aaron and Jordyn Elizabeth Dubinsky. A devoted husband, father, grandfather, Frater, and friend. We will always remember Alan Grimsky.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Herman Vogin, P.S.D., Beta

March 9, 1931 - April 27, 2007

1998-1999 Supreme Directorum

Herman joined AZO in 1950 by joining Beta Chapter at the then Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science. He joined the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter upon graduation in 1953. His hobby of photography and anything electronic made him a natural to serve Philadelphia Alumni Chapter as perpetual newspaper editor and historian. Later Herman served as its Directorum for many years. After operating a pharmacy for over 20 years he took a masters degree in teaching and went on to teaching Industrial Arts in various high schools in the Philadelphia school system. When he retired from teaching in 1996, he repaired TV sets and tutored in Math and Science. Herman owned a boat and was very gracious in having his friends and their families join with his family on the water. Picnics, splashing in their back-yard pool and barbeques that were held at the Vogin home became a summertime ritual and he loved to barbeque for all. If we had to describe Herman it would be to say that Herman was a quiet man. He was a listener and a doer. If he disagreed with you, he did not shout or raise his voice, but would listen to all sides of an argument then do what had to be done. His legacy is one of kindness, understanding and willingness to help to get the job done. He epitomizes our AZO spirit credo of “Peace, Friendship and Brotherly Love”. Herman leaves behind his wife of 52 years, Joan, P.N.P., his three sons, Dr. Gary, Alan and his wife Carla, and Craig and his wife Denise. He is remembered as a blessing by his grandchildren, Simi, Maya, and the late Joshua.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering William Katz, P.S.D., Nu

October 16, 1939 - October 11, 2004

1978-1979 Supreme Directorum

1961 Undergraduate Award Receipient

1984 Meritorious Award Receipient

1991 Achievement Award Receipient

William Stanley Katz was born in Connecticut on October 16, 1939, and was educated in the New Britain Public School System. He was a 1961 graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy. Inducted into AZO’s Nu Chapter in 1958, his leadership became immediately evident as he became President of his pledge class. He was a Nu Chapter Excheque, then branched out of both AZO and the Pharmacy School to become the President of the Mortar and Pestle Honorary Society, Rush Chairman of the Inter-fraternity Council, and at last Treasurer of the University’s 1,300 member graduating class of 1961.

At the 1961 AZO Convention in Cincinnati, he received the Undergraduate Award, and at his side was his Father, Connecticut Alumni Frater Samuel Katz. After serving as a staff pharmacist at the New Britain General Hospital, he became the owner and operator of Stanley Pharmacy in New Britain, following his Father’s sudden death on the way to the 1964 AZO National Convention. He owned the Grove Hill Pharmacy in New Britain until illness took over last year. He was also a Consultant Pharmacist to New Britain’s Andrew House Health Care and to the Department of Mental Retardation Group Homes and a member of the Drug Utilization Review Committee for the ConnPACE Program. Bill’s wife Marilyn, a two-time past National Auxiliary President, and his children, Sam and Amy, were by his side providing support throughout his busy career.

Bill Katz moved on to the Connecticut Alumni Chapter after graduation and was a mainstay there for over 40 years, holding every Chapter Office. Frater Katz was Chairman of the 1978 National Convention in Stevensville and ran four spring regional conventions as well. To the surprise of no one, he was immediately identified as material for AZO national leadership. He was elected Supreme’s Eastern Bellarum in 1963, became Historian in 1964, Signare in 1966, and spent five years on the Board of Directors. Elected Sub-Directorum in 1976, he became First SubDirectorum in 1977, and was the 1978-1979 Supreme Directorum. He was a Board Member, a Fund Trustee, Scholarship Chairman, Money Order Program Co-Chairman, and served countless terms as Resolutions Chairman.

Frater Bill Katz was one of AZO’s most dedicated members, however he was also very dedicated to his profession. His accolades include being the first winner of AZO’s “Triple Crown”. In attaining the 1991 Achievement Medal, Bill added this honor to the Undergraduate and Meritorious Awards he won earlier, making for a clean sweep of the three National Honors given by AZO. In addition to the high-points of Katz’s career mentioned above, he was also a member of the Order of the Double Star, he won the Ephraim G. Sless Memorial Award for outstanding Chapter activity, and he was a past President of the New Britain Area Pharmaceutical Association, the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy Alumni Association, the Connecticut Pharmacy Service Corporation and culminating with his Presidency of the Nation Association of Retail Druggists in 1990. It was said best in 1991 after Frater Katz received the AZO Achievement Award Medal for long, meritorious and dignified service to the profession of Pharmacy: “Truly can it be said that no one in all of Alpha Zeta Omega has ever possessed greater leadership capabilities; no one has ever displayed his rare combination of success in both the Fraternal and Professional spheres. It is an unquestionable fact that when so many diverse groups, many geographically separated, turn for leadership to any one individual that person has to be someone very special. That person is our Achievement Medalist for 1991, NARD President Frater Bill Katz.” It’s easy to see that Frater Katz’s contributions to AZO and to the profession of pharmacy were great and will not be forgotten anytime soon. He will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Jay Pollock, P.S.D., Gamma

June 15, 1943-March 8, 2004

1977-1978 Supreme Directorum

1990 Meritorious Award Receipient

Jay Pollock was born and raised in Philadelphia. In his hometown, he

attended Temple University and was inducted into Gamma Chapter on May

14, 1962. On December 25, 1965, he married Joy Kleiner. Jay was the proud

father of Jessica Pollock and Doug Simon, and Jefrey Pollock and Deb Brown,

and the very proud grandfather of Eden Rose Brown Pollock. His life revolved

around his family, his friends his businesses and Alpha Zeta Omega. All of us

knew the A.Z.O. Jay. Some of us were lucky enough to know the softer, caring

more personal Jay. This is not going to be the typical obituary, because Jay

Pollock was not a typical man. Of course, it needs to be said that Frater

Pollock served the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter for many years. He held the

position of Chapter Directorum from 1971 to 1973. He went on to hold many offices in Supreme including Supreme Directorum in 1977-78 (with his wife Joy at his side as National Auxiliary President). Since serving Supreme as Directorum, Jay has constantly held many committee chairmanships and has been Deputy for many years. August 10, 1990 Jay Pollock received A.Z.O.’s Meritorious Award, for long and meritorious service to the Fraternity. AZO was a staple of his life. His first business partner was a Frater. Many of his pharmacists and interns have been Fraters. Jay had mentored countless younger Fraters throughout the years. His children grew up with many A.Z.O. friends and “A.Z.O. relatives.” There were tables of Fraters and their wives at every Pollock milestone. And it was a testimonial to Frater Pollock that among the hundreds of friends, family members and associates that attended his funeral were so many Fraters from all over the United States. Alpha Zeta Omega is truly a family, and Jay’s A.Z.O. family was with him at the end. I said that this would not be a typical obituary. What needs to be discussed are Jay’s love for A.Z.O. and our undergraduates. Jay was always in the middle of our younger Frater’s gatherings. Even in January, at Jay’s last convention, he was constantly mingling with our student members. As his son, Jefrey, said at his funeral, “Jay suffered from a classic Peter Pan complex”. He didn’t want to grow up. Being around our undergrads or his children’s friends kept Jay young. As sick as he was the last year, Jay continued to work for A.Z.O. He tried to open new Chapters and work with existing Chapters. Unknown to many, he called friends and Fraters that he lost contact with in the past. And yes, when very sick, he and Joy came to Phoenix to be with his Fraters. Who knew that this would be the last time we would see him? I think that Jay knew, and that’s why he was there. He wanted to see, and to say good-bye to his A.Z.O. family

Rest in peace, Frater

Remembering Coleman Levine, P.S.D., Gamma

October 12, 1911 - July 10, 2003

1970-1971 Supreme Directorum

1976 Meritorious Award Receipient

When one remembers Coleman Levin, the phrases that come to mind, even before one thinks of him as a Fraternity Brother, are words such as “the perfect gentleman”, “a great friend”, and “a man of old-time courtesy”. During the years of his greatest AZO national activity, from the ‘60s forward, he was not only somewhat older than most of the active leaders, but his very dignity and demeanor seemed to be a carry-over from an earlier era. Because he was older, he seemed often to exhibit the demeanor of a generation long gone, and indeed his history has shown that strength of character and excellence were his particular trademark even in his youth. Nevertheless, social history has since shown that even in his early days, his type of character was unusual.

Born in Philadelphia back in 1911, he was older than AZO. He spent most of his life in Philly, attended school there, and graduated from the Temple University College of Pharmacy in 1934. Three months later, on September 2, 1934, he married his wife, Bertha. Together they had a daughter, Audrey.

Coleman joined AZO in the Gamma Chapter at Temple, and was its Directorum. After graduating, he moved on to the Philadelphia Alumni, where he remained active for some sixty years. Twice he was Philadelphia Alumni Directorum, and in 1965 was its “Man of the Year”. Coleman had two brothers, both Pharmacists and both Fraters.

Professionally, he and his brother owned and operated the Charles and Coleman Surgical Supply Co. and the Westbrook Park Pharmacy in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. Always friendly, always a joiner, always ready to do a favor, he couldn’t help but enlist in organization after organization. He was a founder of his synagogue, where he held all the offices. He was a founder of a chapter of Brith Shalom, and again held every office. He joined the Pharmacy Lodge of B’Nai Brith, raised a lot of money for it, served in every office, and was 1975-1976 President. In 1974, he became a Member of the Legion of Honor at the Chapel of the Four Chaplains. He belonged to every Pharmacy Association he could, national, state, city, county, the Temple University Pharmacy Alumni Association, and the American Society of Consulting Pharmacists. For the Temple Alumni, he edited their publication, the “Temple Apothecary”, for years. He was a 32nd degree Mason. In all of these professional groups he also held offices and presidencies.

Coleman became involved in AZO Supreme in the 1960's and went on to serve as AZO Supreme Directorum in 1970. 

Rest in peace, Frater.

Remembering Henry E. Agin, P.S.D., Theta

December 25, 1918 - February 8, 2004

1948-1950, 1963-1964, 1997-1998 Supreme Directorum

1952 Meritorious Award Receipient

Henry E. Agin joined the Theta Chapter in Cleveland, Ohio and is the only Frater to serve 4 terms as Supreme Directorum. Aside from the founders, Henry was the youngest Supreme Directorum to serve as of 2004 at the age of 29 in 1948 and the oldest to serve at the age of 78 in 1997.

Henry attended the Western Reserve University College of Pharmacy where he graduated with his B.S. degree in 1942. Later he added an M.S. degree. He practiced Pharmacy in Cleveland throughout his professional career. Mostly, he owned Pharmacies, but he also put in time as an employee. He belonged to all the usual national, state, and local organizations, and at one time was President of the Cleveland Academy of Pharmacy. He was also President of the Western Reserve College of Pharmacy Alumni Association. Joining AZO in Theta Chapter, he served seven different terms as Chapter Directorum, and was honored by the Chapter many times. As late as 2002, he was involved in a Theta restructuring in spite of his 84 years. He ran innumerable AZO National Conventions in Cleveland. He either ran or was deeply involved with those of 1943, 1947, 1958, 1971, 1982, and 1994. Yet, it was on the Supreme level where he really shone. At first, in the early ‘40s, he assisted the Azoan Editor. Then he began to edit a monthly “Azoan Jr.”, the forerunner of today’s monthly Newsletter. When the USA entered World War II, and with AZO Fraters serving their country all over the globe, he sent this monthly publication every 30 days all over the world, addressing envelopes by hand and individually stamping them. 

In 1942, he became Supreme Bellarum and in 1943, he became Excheque. During that year he entered the service, as a member of the Coast Guard, with the Maritime Service. Stationed at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, for two years, he did his Newsletters from there and ran the treasury from there. Moving to Signare in 1944, he held the position until 1948. After serving two terms as Supreme Directorum in 1948 he returned back to the Signare role. Henry is known for helping to create the Meritorious Award, an honor that he himself would recieve in 1952. 

Henry is survived by his wife Minstsy, his children, Bernie (Sandy), Dennis, and Ellen (Greg) and his grandchildren, Jonas, Marissa, Jordan and Andrew. 

Rest in peace, Frater.

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