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Candidate Information

Dear Interested Student,

On behalf of Alpha Zeta Omega, I want to thank you for exploring what our great Fraternity has to offer. I encourage you to get involved with a student organization on your campus, and becoming involved with an organization such as Alpha Zeta Omega will allow you to grow both professionally and personally while developing great leadership skills. 

Alpha Zeta Omega is a pharmaceutical Fraternity composed of Pharmacists and undergraduates at schools of Pharmacy selected on the basis of character, fellowship, and scholarship. The Fraternity promotes the profession of Pharmacy, develops high standards of scholarship, inculcates a spirit of fellowship among all of its members, and honors its members achievements. 


Alpha Zeta Omega brings together a body of men and women who by diligent maintenance of ethical ideals and faithful service have proven a credit to their chosen profession. Our members have the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles and to participate both locally and nationally in many professional and philanthropic activities. The Fraternity also prides itself on our ongoing support for the Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research. 


These opportunities afford our members with the ability to balance socialization, service, and professionalism.  I encourage you to explore all that Alpha Zeta Omega can offer you by following the links below and learning how you can become a candidate for membership. 

Being a part of AZO has given me opportunities that I never imagined, and taught me a great deal between time management, trust, friendship, study skills, and commitment. I truly believe that I am a better person, leader, and health care provider because of my involvement in Alpha Zeta Omega. You may have reservations about fraternities, but I assure you that if you put your uncertainties aside, you will simply find a group of outstanding men and women who exemplify what AZO was founded on: Peace, Friendship, and Brotherly Love. 


Nicole Hayman

Alpha Zeta Omega Supreme Directorum 2022-2023

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