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Mission Statement

Alpha Zeta Omega is a pharmaceutical fraternity composed of Pharmacists and Undergraduates in Pharmacy, selected on the basis of: character, fellowship, and scholarship.


The objectives of the fraternity are to promote the profession of Pharmacy; to develop high standards of Scholarship; to inculcate a spirit of Fellowship amongst all of its members; to bring together a body of professional men and women who, by the diligent maintenance of ethical ideals and faithful service, have proven a credit to their chosen profession; to honor achievement in others; to commend all worthy deeds; to build within our Fraternity a triangle composed of three supporting sides which are peace, friendship, and brotherly love.


Alpha Zeta Omega National Pharmaceutical Fraternity does not condone physical or mental (emotional) hazing of any kind, by any definition. The Supreme Chapter strictly prohibits the hazing of individuals involved in any fraternity activities, including initiation. 


Alpha Zeta Omega national pharmaceutical fraternity has passed the following policy: There shall be no alcoholic beverages served at any time by fraternity members on fraternity property or at fraternity functions to anyone under the age of twenty-one. It is suggested that no alcoholic beverages be available should there be present those under twenty-one even if there are those over twenty-one present as well.

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