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Why Join Alpha Zeta Omega



Dear Interested Student,

Thank you for looking into Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmaceutical Fraternity. I am glad that you have taken the time to look into professional organizations on your campus. Involvement in a professional organization will provide you the chance to grow professionally and personally. Alpha Zeta Omega will afford you the opportunity to stand apart from your colleagues as a leader and I encourage all students who are interested in becoming involved in a professional pharmaceutical fraternity to consider becoming a member of AZO. 

Alpha Zeta Omega was founded on the basis of character, fellowship, and scholarship. It is the fraternity's mission to advance the profession of pharmacy while developing a spirit of fellowship amongst all its members. We strive to uphold our fraternity's expectation of 100% graduation of all members by having high standards of scholarship, honoring achievement in each other, and commending all worthy deeds. Alpha Zeta Omega enables its members to strongly build their individual characters while providing a sense of association and friendship.

Alpha Zeta Omega is dedicated to promoting leadership, scholarship and professional achievement, participation in National projects and service to the local community, and participation in the profession of pharmacy. Our members have the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles on both local and national level and are recognized through many distinguished awards, scholarships and fellowships. Alpha Zeta Omega prides itself on our ongoing support of The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer, which is our national philanthropic partner for which we have raised nearly $100,000 for since our relationship began in 2009.

Our membership benefits include scholarship and educational assistance, leadership training, community service opportunities, annual professional conventions, professional development, personal growth, mentoring and networking opportunities, and continuing education programs. These opportunities provide our members with the chance to create the ultimate balance between professionalism, service to others, and socialization. I encourage you to contact a member of Alpha Zeta Omega at your school and ask what the chapter is doing on campus and learn how you can become a candidate for membership. With more than 50,000 initiated Fraters since 1919, AZO offers unlimited resources for you to build professional and personal relationships with others in the pharmaceutical and health care industry.

Joining Alpha Zeta Omega is one of the best decisions that I have ever personally made. By joining AZO I gained self confidence and a whole new family. Being a part of AZO has given me opportunities that I never imagined, and taught me a great deal between time management, trust, friendship, study skills, and commitment. I truly believe that I am a better person, leader, and health care provider because of my involvement in Alpha Zeta Omega. You may have reservations about fraternities, but I assure you that if you put your uncertainties aside, you will simply find a group of outstanding men and women who exemplify what AZO was founded on: Peace, Friendship, and Brotherly Love. 

I hope that you will consider us as your first choice when deciding on which organization to be a part of and I look forward to hopefully congratulating you on your future induction. 


Nicole Hayman

2022-2023 Supreme Directorum
Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmaceutical Fraternity 

**Pharmacy students attending a school of pharmacy at a university or college where no professional pharmacy fraternities exist, or no Alpha Zeta Omega chapter is chartered are welcome to consider becoming founding members of a new AZO Collegiate Chapter.** (To apply for a new chapter, please email the Supreme Directorum or submit a new chapter application form under our "Contact Us" drop down)

Types of Membership

Collegiate Membership

A collegiate member is a student enrolled in a college of pharmacy pursuing an entry-level degree in pharmacy where a chapter of the fraternity is located.

Pre-Professional Membership

A pre-professional member is a student enrolled in a pre-pharmaceutical program who plans on pursuing a degree in Pharmacy or a student enrolled in the pre-professional years of an allied health science program at a college or university where a chapter of the fraternity is located.

Allied Health Science Membership

An allied health science member is a student who is pursuing a science degree at a college of pharmacy where a chapter of the fraternity is located.

Alumni Membership

An alumni member is a member who joined the fraternity while at a college or university where the fraternity is or was located and has since graduated. An alumni member may also be a graduate who was inducted through an alumni chapter of the fraternity so long as the applicant is a graduate of a college/school of pharmacy, has practiced in the field of pharmacy, and is not a member of any other professional pharmaceutical fraternity. 

Honorary Membership

An honorary member is a member who by extraordinary achievement in the profession of pharmacy, or on behalf of the fraternity is inducted directly by the Supreme Chapter.

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